JasonSmith.ca Making It's Way Up

March 20, 2006

I have been recently trying to see how high I can get my site to appear in google when searching for the phrase "Jason Smith". Unfortunately for me this is quite a popular name. A couple of weeks ago I tried this and my site didn't even make the top 85 pages (850 sites). So again I tried today but first tried searching only pages from Canada. Of the 1,000,000 plus pages I currently sit on page 6 ranking me at #52 for pages in Canada. I then tried the same thing again but for the web (not just Canada) and this time I have appeared...but only on page 49 ranking me at #488 out of over 35,000,000. If you put that into relative terms then I am doing better on the whole web than for just in Canada.

My goal is to have my site make the top 10 on the web when searching for "Jason Smith". With my site being relatively new I think this is a realistic goal. The school term is almost over now which should give me some more spare time to play around with the site. For now it will be slow coming and most of my time will be spent on studying for finals.

Jason Smith

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