SCUBA Diving

August 9, 2008

I recently took a course and became a certified PADI open water diver (more often known as SCUBA diving). The course takes you through the basics of learning how to SCUBA dive with both an in-class part and the more fun in-pool part. After successful completion of the classroom material and pool training the final part to getting certified was actually going out in the open water and using your newly learned skills. Of course, this was much different than being in the pool. The pool was about 80 degrees whereas Puget Sound is about 50 to 55 degrees (so in comes the wet suit). Also, a little extra weight is needed in salt water to get yourself to sink (and salt water doesn't taste very good...not to say that pool water does either). And lastly, there is just a lot more see, such as all the aquatic life and the many other things you may find (this is what diving is all about).

So far I have completed eight dives in various part of Puget Sound. To keep track of the places I have gone diving, I put together a Google Maps Dive Log Mash-up showing the locations of where I've dove as well as some other details about each dive. Its currently a work in progress, as is everything else I do (there is always room for improvement!).

I'm planning on going out diving one more weekend before leaving Seattle so check back in a couple of weeks for that update.

Jason Smith

Reader Comments

  1. Terrill says:
    August 10, 2008 10:10 pm

    Was there anything down there? Like sunken ships or something?

  2. Jason says:
    August 10, 2008 11:41 pm

    Yeah, at the Edmonds Underwater Park we saw a couple of sunken ships. And there is always a lot of different kinds of fish, crabs and stuff. On my last dive a couple of the other guys I was with saw an octopus, but I didn't unfortunately.

    SCUBA diving is definitely one of the coolest things I've ever done though.

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