Summer is Nearly Gone

August 14, 2006

The school term is now officially over and so is me ever having to take another calculus class (as long as I passed this one). The summer has been a hot one so I have tried to stay away from the computer outside of work as much as possible. So that meant more time for...I don't know. It seems I haven't really even done much of anything. So that only means I have done what I do every lazy. I haven't even put anytime into developing my site further let alone posting anything to it. You might notice that the last post was from over 2 months ago...

Work has been interesting this term. I have been 'slowly' working on a cool web survey application for the last couple of months in any spare time that I get (which isn't much). I will be posting more details about this very soon...and no I don't mean in another 2 months.

Things I've gone away and done this summer can be counted on 1 hand; went out on a cruise, went back to Bancroft twice (both long weekends), went to wonderland once, and went out golfing once. I am, however, looking forward to going camping this weekend at Silent Lake, so I can add that to the list after this weekend.

I am hoping now that calculus is done and over with that I will have some more time after work each day to do something productive. I have been thinking about developing a new application and if I ever end up in the right mood one night it will be on the go. I will also be updating the site more frequently (less then bi-monthly). If you have any ideas for the site let me know, I always like to get other people's opinions.


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