Cruise Miss Toronto

Cruise Miss Toronto

Terry Turl, captain and owner, contacted me in mid December to do a few updates to the site. I took a look at the site and was appalled. So I made him a deal and said that I would re-design the site entirely. In a couple weeks time over the holidays I had completed the new site design. I also wrote a new script for his inquiries as the old one didn't even work.

I have added in a couple new features to the site featuring google maps to show the dock location and his routes, inspired by Terrill's MapLet and the bus routes feature.

Vito's Pizzeria, Bancroft Ontario

Vito's Pizzeria

Vito's Pizzeria is the place that started my working career in the real world. I first starting working in the kitchen way back before I was even in high school and when the aprons would wrap around my waist 3 times. I worked straight through until I left for UW. Occasionally when I am back in Bancroft I still go in and work a shift. It's almost like a family business now as my mother is the manager, my older brother is going to Flemming College and still works on weekends, and now my younger brother has just been hired.

So this is the next project on the list of things to do. There currently is no website so this one will be done from scratch...Check back soon for updates.

An Introductory Course For HTML & CSS

HTML & CSS Course

I taught an introductory course to HTML on Tuesday May 16 and an introductory course to CSS on Wednesday May 17 at the University of Waterloo. The courses were open to all students, faculty and staff at UW.

HTML Course Notes

CSS Course Notes

CSS Examples