JasonSmith.ca http://www.jasonsmith.ca/ The personal website and web log of Jason Smith, a University of Waterloo computer science student. Links to thoughts, work, and other various news and events about student life in Waterloo. en-gb j28smith@gmail.com j28smith@gmail.com First Week Videos http://www.jasonsmith.ca/articles/first_week_videos It's the first week of classes for the fall term yet again. I have watched a couple of excellent videos in class which has made this first week great. The first one I watched in my ECON 301 - Microeconomics Theory 2 course. It's a short parody created by C Ubiquity By Mozilla Labs http://www.jasonsmith.ca/articles/ubiquity_by_mozilla_labs One of the coolest things I've seen in a quite a while is Ubiquity. It's a prototype extension for Firefox developed by Mozilla Labs. I'd explain more but I think this video will do a much better job. So the first thing you'll want to do is in SCUBA Diving http://www.jasonsmith.ca/articles/scuba_diving I recently took a course and became a certified PADI open water diver (more often known as SCUBA diving). The course takes you through the basics of learning how to SCUBA dive with both an in-class part and the more fun in-pool part. After successful compl San Francisco Road Trip http://www.jasonsmith.ca/articles/san_francisco_road_trip Living and working in Seattle gave me a long weekend for Memorial Day. With the extra day off for the weekend, a few of us (10 to be exact) who are working in the area for Amazon, Expedia, and Microsoft decided to take a road trip to San Francisco. The tri First Week In Seattle http://www.jasonsmith.ca/articles/first_week_in_seattle I moved out to Seattle at the beginning of the month to work for Amazon.com for four months. I've lived in Ontario my entire life and I haven't done a whole lot of traveling so this was a great opportunity. This was the first time I had ever traveled on an 2007-08 NBA Regular Season Comes To An End http://www.jasonsmith.ca/articles/2007-08_nba_regular_season_comes_to_an_end The final games of the 2007-08 season were played on Wednesday night and it has been quite a season. A Look at the Eastern Conference The Boston Celtics lived up to expectations, finishing 1st in the league with a record of 66-16. That makes for qu Google Chart API http://www.jasonsmith.ca/articles/google_chart_api I just stumbled upon the Google Chart API and it looks really neat. It allows you to dynamically generate a whole variety of different types of charts including: Line chart Sparkline Bar chart Pie chart Venn diagram Scatter plot Radar chart Ma Tall Pines Rally 2007 http://www.jasonsmith.ca/articles/tall_pines_rally_2007 The Tall Pines Rally this year was awesome. Bancroft got hit with its first big snow fall of the year a couple days before the event leaving about a foot of snow and it continued to snow throughout the weekend. Terrill and I suited up as volunteer Boston Celtics http://www.jasonsmith.ca/articles/boston_celtics The Boston Celtics are coming off one of the worst seasons ever in 2006-07. With a record of 24-58 it put them at the bottom of the entire eastern conference and second last in the entire league. This was the Celtics second worst season in franchise hist What Do You Want? http://www.jasonsmith.ca/articles/what_do_you_want If you have tried browsing around the site since the new update you would have noticed that there is a lot of "Coming Soon..." hanging around. I will be getting around to removing these and replacing them with some real content "soon". Release Date http://www.jasonsmith.ca/articles/release_date Things are slowly beginning to happen on the development side of things. I have got an object-oriented style implemented, all the data stored in a database, and a working commenting system. With that being said, I have set myself a goal for a release dat One Year In The Books http://www.jasonsmith.ca/articles/one_year_in_the_books Taking a look back, my first post was on February 11, 2006. Ok, so I am only averaging one post a month, but hey, that's not bad for my first year. I am slowly beginning to think of some new ideas and am going to wait until I get my commenting system up to Site Updates Coming Soon http://www.jasonsmith.ca/articles/site_updates_coming_soon Many things have been on the "To Do" list for a very long time. This term in my spare time I plan to get most of these things done. First and foremost I am currently working on re-coding my entire site. The main changes include: Re-coding t Memories http://www.jasonsmith.ca/articles/memories My new roomate has just decided to get out her old Super Nintendo. This has now resulted in the past two days of everyone in the house playing Super Mario, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, and other great classics. It brings back all the great memories of the chil Survey Data Analysis http://www.jasonsmith.ca/articles/survey_data_analysis I came up with my own idea for a project to do at work again this term. This time I noticed that the surveys that were being used on our department's website could use a little work. With that in mind I thought of how I could fix it and brought my ideas to Google Update http://www.jasonsmith.ca/articles/google_update If you have been keeping an eye out on my ranking in Google you might have noticed a very large jump. If you now search for "Jason Smith", you will find my site ranked 8th when searching for pages in Canada and 15th when searching the entire web. Summer is Nearly Gone http://www.jasonsmith.ca/articles/summer_is_nearly_gone The school term is now officially over and so is me ever having to take another calculus class (as long as I passed this one). The summer has been a hot one so I have tried to stay away from the computer outside of work as much as possible. So that meant Cruisin' http://www.jasonsmith.ca/articles/cruisin So today I got to go out on a cruise on Miss Toronto and it was the best day of the summer so far. The boat looks so much better in real life than a website can ever reveal. The whole crew and the atmosphere was so enjoyable, the DJ was excellent, the food A Little Bit of Everything http://www.jasonsmith.ca/articles/a_little_bit_of_everything Life The school term is now long gone and I'm right back into the co-op job. Working for the Arts Computing Office at the University of Waterloo again gave me the option to take a class if I wanted. So I decided this would be a good idea to catch up on t JasonSmith.ca Making It's Way Up http://www.jasonsmith.ca/articles/jason_smith_dot_ca_making_its_way_up I have been recently trying to see how high I can get my site to appear in google when searching for the phrase "Jason Smith". Unfortunately for me this is quite a popular name. A couple of weeks ago I tried this and my site didn't even make th More Styles and an RSS Feed http://www.jasonsmith.ca/articles/more_styles_and_an_rss_feed I have added a new style sheet option that allows you to change the style of the site. I will be working on making more styles to choose from. The cool part about this is that when you choose a new style it sets a cookie to remember what style you viewed Winter 2006 Final Exam Schedule http://www.jasonsmith.ca/articles/winter_2006_final_exam_schedule The term is about half over now and the final exam schedule is now posted. Lectures end on March 29 for MATH and ENG students. For the rest of UW students, lectures will end on April 3. Exams will begin on April 6 and end on April 22. Here is what my s Slow Start But Pulled Off Yet Another Win http://www.jasonsmith.ca/articles/slow_start Game number five of the season and yet again we put our perfect record on the line. We started out really cold as a team and thanks to Ahmed for draining most of his shots in the first half to keep us in the game. First half ended really close with a one JasonSmith.ca Up and Running http://www.jasonsmith.ca/articles/jason_smith_dot_ca_up_and_running I finally got around to getting my own domain set up. I didn't think I would be able to get jasonsmith.ca but fortunately it was available so I took it. I don't have too much time to work on stuff right now as it is midterm season and school terms take u Test Post For Development http://www.jasonsmith.ca/articles/test Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nullam luctus eros nec enim. Etiam libero. 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